Fall Date Night at Home – Steak and Potatoes

I don't know about you guys, but by the end of the week, we are ready to indulge. Both Elide and I work from home, and by the time the weekend comes around, we are ready to have a dinner that sets the weekend off on the right foot. Prior to COVID-19, that usually meant going out to dinner, but Elide has been trying to cook at home on the weekends a lot more. However, we both think it's SO important to support local businesses right now. We're so lucky to have so many local farms and small companies in Massachusetts, and we're always looking for ways to buy local. One of our favorite places to shop is the Boston Public Market.

Cranberry Orange Almond Green Beans

When grilling Elide on whether she ACTUALLY made this recipe up, because I can't fathom creatively and confidently mixing flavors on one's own, Elide said that the inspiration started from a recipe for cranberry green beans. According to her....that was boring! She had some almonds laying around...and then thought about another flavor profile that goes well with cranberry, and decided on orange. Cranberry orange scones are Elide's favorite scone flavor, so I guess you can think of these green beans as a healthy take on a cranberry orange scone ;). Let me know if that mindset helps you resist scones moving forward...