Fall Date Night at Home – Steak and Potatoes

I don't know about you guys, but by the end of the week, we are ready to indulge. Both Elide and I work from home, and by the time the weekend comes around, we are ready to have a dinner that sets the weekend off on the right foot. Prior to COVID-19, that usually meant going out to dinner, but Elide has been trying to cook at home on the weekends a lot more. However, we both think it's SO important to support local businesses right now. We're so lucky to have so many local farms and small companies in Massachusetts, and we're always looking for ways to buy local. One of our favorite places to shop is the Boston Public Market.

Air Fryer, Extra Crispy Potatoes

2020 is filled with many not-so positives, but a major positive for us? Elide perfecting a crispy potato recipe. We love these potatoes. We reserve them for weekend dinners, and they are so crispy and crunchy, you'd have no idea they were made in an air fryer and not fried. Before we continue, if you're interested in making these potatoes but don't have an air fryer – no worries – an oven will work just fine. We'll include oven instructions in the post as well. (But also you should get an air fryer, we love ours!)

Summer Corn Soup

Hello from quarantine! As we've settled into a routine and accepted reality, we have stopped binge baking and have attempted to return to cooking nutritious and creative dinners. And by we, I obviously mean Elide. Tonight, we had shrimp spring rolls paired with summer corn soup, a new recipe Elide created! The shrimp spring rolls are an all time fav. over here, and they deserve to be shared with the world, but the recipe is complex and hard to put into words and photos, so that recipe will come another day. This post will focus on the summer corn soup, which was so so SO delicious!!! It is not summer yet, but you are going to want to eat this all summer long, so best to give it a try now. Recipe below!