Hi! We are Allison and Elide! Elide is a self-taught home chef who makes delicious food every day. Allison is a self-taught eater who eats Elide’s delicious food every day.

Elide is from San Antonio, Texas, Allison is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and now we both live in Boston, Massachusetts and feel like we’ve been here our whole lives (Go Red Sox).

Allison (blonde) and Elide (not blonde)

Elide enjoys cooking and coming up with new recipes every day, and Allison enjoys documenting and sharing everything she does and eats. After getting requests for recipes, we finally decided to start an Instagram page for Elide’s food and ultimately, this blog.

We’re using this blog as a fun outlet to share Elide’s recipes, and are both very new at this! If you have any questions or confusion about what we’re posting, feel free to leave a comment, and Allison will ask Elide…because she likely has no idea either.