Welcome to Tiny Kitchen Eats! Allison and Elide’s food blog

Okay, we are making this happen! If you are reading this you are likely our friend and are the reason we are making this site actually a thing. I, Allison, am going to be the one posting, taking photos, and publishing content and Elide is the one, as mostly everyone knows, creating the recipes and making us the delicious food! I, Allison, am also the professional taste-tester and consumer. All recipes have been Allison approved.

Trying to figure out the right perspective to write this from. I? We? Allison? Elide? Considering, I, Allison, will ultimately be publishing everything…maybe we’ll write it from my POV. Considering I don’t even know how to chop garlic, a food blog written from my perspective, does seem logical :).

It’s been a couple of months since we’ve posted on the Instagram, and to be completely honest, it’s because we moved to an apartment that faces east and we get horrible natural light at night, when we are primarily eating meals worth taking photos of. Yes, we moved in September, and yes, I am still not over it. Our old apartment faced west so we had beautiful sunsets every single night, and I just still need some time to get over the lack of quality of my photos now. But anyway.

We wanted to start a food Instagram and blog because Elide is one of the best chefs I have ever met (in addition to my own mother, of course…) and I love taking photos of everything I do, and everything I eat. More and more I was having people respond to me saying how good the food Elide makes looks, and asking for recipes. We’ve been slacking on recipes, but I, Allison, will vow to make Elide give them to me and post them here.

We TRY to eat as healthy as possible during the week, with the food still tasting delicious. So the recipes may have like low-fat mayo or something like that and like obviously feel free to swap any of that out…we just try to keep it relatively healthy so that we can each eat a whole pie of pizza on the weekend and maintain our six-packs.

I’ll try to back-track some recipes that Elide has made over the past couple of months for some fan-favorites, like her garlic hummus. Which, not to brag for Elide, but like 5 people we know of, love it. and that’s not including me. So.

Oh! and the blog name! Tiny Kitchen Eats! SO our OLD apartment, the one with the beautiful, life-changing light, had like the world’s tiniest kitchen. Maybe not the world’s tiniest…but pretty stiff competition. And despite the tiny kitchen, Elide was able to cook up some BIG FLAVORS!!!

Elide in the old kitchen on the day we were moving out.

When we decided to move, I promised Elide the biggest factor we were looking for was a nice kitchen. I was slightly biased in my search for a dishwasher, as the resident dishwasher, and ultimately we found an apartment with a bigger kitchen AND a dishwasher!

The new kitchen. Don’t let the light fool you. This was taken in the morning…

So now, if we’re being honest, the name of the blog should like I don’t know be “medium kitchen eats with bad lighting,” but. it doesn’t QUITE roll off the tongue. I told Elide now is the time to change the name if we’re going to do so, and we both just stared at each other with no other ideas…so Tiny Kitchen Eats it is! And, as more incentive, Elide was already gifted a beautiful apron that says Tiny Kitchen Eats on it, so, I mean….the name is final.

Elide in her cute little blog apron courtesy of Ariel!

So that’s it, I guess! Stay tuned for our first post of Elote, or Mexican-street corn, inspired cauliflower. (There’s no biscuits in this post, I just needed a header photo…but look for a biscuit recipe soon…)

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