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Okay, we are making this happen! If you are reading this you are likely our friend and are the reason we are making this site actually a thing. I, Allison, am going to be the one posting, taking photos, and publishing content and Elide is the one, as mostly everyone knows, creating the recipes and making us the delicious food! I, Allison, am also the professional taste-tester and consumer. All recipes have been Allison approved.

Summer Corn Soup

Hello from quarantine! As we've settled into a routine and accepted reality, we have stopped binge baking and have attempted to return to cooking nutritious and creative dinners. And by we, I obviously mean Elide. Tonight, we had shrimp spring rolls paired with summer corn soup, a new recipe Elide created! The shrimp spring rolls are an all time fav. over here, and they deserve to be shared with the world, but the recipe is complex and hard to put into words and photos, so that recipe will come another day. This post will focus on the summer corn soup, which was so so SO delicious!!! It is not summer yet, but you are going to want to eat this all summer long, so best to give it a try now. Recipe below!

Cranberry Orange Almond Green Beans

When grilling Elide on whether she ACTUALLY made this recipe up, because I can't fathom creatively and confidently mixing flavors on one's own, Elide said that the inspiration started from a recipe for cranberry green beans. According to her....that was boring! She had some almonds laying around...and then thought about another flavor profile that goes well with cranberry, and decided on orange. Cranberry orange scones are Elide's favorite scone flavor, so I guess you can think of these green beans as a healthy take on a cranberry orange scone ;). Let me know if that mindset helps you resist scones moving forward...